Healing the past .. Staying present ..

                         Designing a future .......


P.V.T  is the therapy of integration. 
A  therapist can only walk with you as far as they have walked on their own journey. 

The P.V.T perspective attempts to see all symptoms as part of a larger picture of "energy moving" .. attempting to make a connection between who we think we are and who we really are ... defined more by its orientation and scope rather than by a particular set of techniques or methods.


Psycho Vibration Therapy

American inventor Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943), a pioneer of electrical technology, said that if you could eliminate certain outside frequencies that interfered in our bodies, we would have greater resistance toward disease.

(PVT) is a short term for Psycho Vibration Therapy, it is substantially based on the principles of Transpersonal Psychology,  Energetic Field theory, Quantum Medicine, Quantum Physic and the scientific principles that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency and that by using resonant vibration, balance of matter can be restored and memories contained in the DNA of the body unconscious the effects of in-utero and early childhood experiences the examination of how people process and assimilate information behaviors that are the result of conscious and unconscious conditioning the individual's compulsive journey towards self-actualization or greater wholeness.


(PVT) analysis is a new therapy researched and developed by the researcher Maddalena Frau which combines work with the body, spirit, the energy patterns in a person's body and mind to help reduce psychological and physical problems.

It is a form of therapy that has a psycho-developmental basis.

Things that happened to one as a child greatly affect one's adult self-perception and one's behavior towards others.

There is a correlation between the mind, body and spirit.

The individual is viewed as a psychosomatic energetic unity.

What affects the spirit affects the body and mind; and what affects the mind and spirit affects the body.

The psychological defenses one uses to handle pain and the stress of life as they grow up; trauma, rationalizations, denials, and suppression, are also anchored in the body. 

They appear in the body as unique muscular patterns that inhibit self-expression. 

These patterns can be identified and understood by Psycho Vibration Therapy

that knows how to look at the structure, energy fields patterns in a person's body allowing to open the door of our spirit and mind to cure the body..

The therapy focus special attention on the energy patterns in a person's body.

They are interested in these patterns and their relationship to movement, breath, posture, emotional expression, vibrations and body frequency.

Every physical expression of the body has meaning. 

Every mind expression has a meaning and every spiritual expression of the energetic body fields has a meaning, the quality of a handshake, the posture, the look in the eyes, the tone of voice, the body's movements, the amount of energy, etc. 

If these expressions are fixed and habitual, they tell a story of past experiences.

The therapy explores with the client what it would feel like to begin to release these patterns and recover some of the feelings they have repressed and also helps the client to understand how and why their patterns of constriction developed; how  these very defenses that are hindering their life today, allowed them to survive in an early environment that was not supportive of their being.

As these repressed emotions emerge, the client often begins to realize that these patterns inhibit their capacity for spontaneity and creativity in self-expression. 

They begin to understand that as these defenses became chronic.

These somatic defenses affect their emotional well-being by decreasing energy level and restricting the capacity for genuine self-expression in relationships; they are not free enough in their body to feel joy, happiness, love, sadness, fear, sensuality and anger.

As the client progresses in PVT, old, ineffective patterns of blocking connection, pleasure, spontaneity and joy slowly dissolve.

Through the release of body work and the experience of a safe, healthy, supportive connection with everything, the bio energetic client relates to his/her self and others in new, more satisfying ways.

Through identifying patterns of blocked self-expression in the spirit, mind and body, unbalance in the energetic fields I develop a clearer understanding of the various personality types and their corresponding psychological, physical and spiritual problems.

Understanding a person's specific patterns of blocked self-expression suggests the basic defensive structure of the individual which developed as a result of their personal history.

In the context of bio energetic, orgonomic, vibrational frequency theory, discovering patterns of blocked self-expression and their corresponding connection to personality type, allows the emergence of a potential framework for the course of PVT


Utilizing  body, minds, spirit and diet methods and exercises to help a person become aware of tensions and release them through appropriate style of life. Verbal exploration of emotional conflicts and their relationship to an individual's personal history is also an integral part of therapy.


Energetic Analysis


Dr. W.Reich ( Orgonomy ) and Dr. A. Lowen ( Bioenergetic Analysis ) writes that we have each participated along with our parents, heredity, nature and the environment in forming a way of being in the world.

The tangible record of this evolving, dynamic process is our body, which is composed of energy, living cells, muscles and organs that pulsate in expanding and contracting ways.

Our personality is an embodiment of the interplay between the pulsatory forces of life and the conflicts, demands, restrictions, stimulation and excitation that arise out of the relationships that we have thus far encountered.

The interplay among these forces influences us in the creation of our personality. In simple language, our personality reflects the way in which we attempt to avoid distress and establish a sense of well-being and control in the world by creating a working balance between possessing and expressing ourselves in relating to others.

The complexity and originality of this creative life triumph is more fully disclosed when we understand the developmental history of thoughts and actions in regard to self and others and how this history is revealed in the form and motility of our bodies.


PVT and Personality

Psycho Vibration Therapy (PVT) Analysis is a technique for:

Understanding the personality in terms of the Spirit, mind, body.

Improving all functions of the personality by mobilizing the energy fields. 

Increasing an individual's capacity to experience pleasure by resolving the characterological attitudes that have become structured in the body and that, therefore, interfere with its rhythmic and unitary movements of mind and spirit.

At the transpersonal stage, we let go of our personality boundaries and, through getting in touch with and understanding our (as yet unconscious source) we are able to cultivate our intuition, our healing power and gain control over our lives.

Sometimes our present symptoms are related to emotional and psychological trauma experienced earlier in life. Sometimes too, they are connected or based on behavior or reactions which we have inherited from our concealed genetic past.

You are not powerless. When you are able to see the source and the reason for, whatever disease you believe you have, you will be able to change the program which has resulted in the belief from which you created your 'suffering'.

Personal growth

Breakthroughs in brain research and clinical practice can now give you the freedom to pursue the passions of your life.

When you know how to use therapy, when you fully understand how personal transformation depends on changing your energy, you can exploit your innate ability to heal emotionally, to adapt to change, and to create the life you want.

Mind Body Health

Emotions are deeply rooted in the brain's neural wiring, and have a direct impact on the body's hormonal system. Chronic stress and anger can cripple the immune response and an emotional "shutting down" virtually guarantees poor physical health.

Psycho Vibration Therapy (PVT) stops the damage caused by these chronic emotional states by changing your reaction to stress and anger "from the inside out" 

Energetic life

How can you open your heart to the creative energy of the universe when you are emotionally closed and defensive in your life? And how can you follow a spiritual path when there's too much hurt and confusion inside?

Psycho Vibration Therapy (PVT) offers a practical way of finding an inner emotional balance which leads naturally to spiritual awareness. Therapy can be the key to a heartfelt transformation in your life, an invaluable "gift" for all who choose a spiritual path.


Psycho Vibration therapy (PVT) allows us to prevent problems, complications and eventual dysfunctions of the human body and energetic body fields even through a regulated and monitored diet, regarding each individuals personal needs. As we know even the food have vibration, every disease has a frequency.

Certain frequencies can prevent the development of disease and that others would destroy disease. Substances with higher frequency will destroy diseases of a lower frequency. The study of frequencies raises an important question, concerning the frequencies of substances we eat, breathe and absorb.

Processed/canned food has a frequency of zero. Biochemist Dr. Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, Dr. Royal R. Rife, Ing. Andrè Simoneton, Dr. Bovis and many others researcher demonstrated how life force pulsates from natural foods, Frequency is a measurable rate of electrical energy that is constant between any two points. Every living thing has a frequency, including food.

Electrical frequency is measured in hertz (Hz), kilohertz (kHz), and megahertz (MHz) or  Angstroms .

The average frequency of a healthy human body is between 62 - 78 Hz or around 6200/7000 Angstroms.

SUPERIOR FOOD PRODUCTS with vibrations over 7000 Å

SUPPORT FOOD PRODUCTS with vibrations between 6500 and 3000 Å

LOWER FOOD PRODUCTS with vibrations below 3000 Å

DEAD FOOD PRODUCTS Without any vibration at all

Food provides a balanced diet from the qualitative and calorific viewpoint, but they are not sufficient for normal development, in addition to the normal components (carbohydrates, proteins...), food must also have “energetic vibrations" that are capable of maintaining life to balance our energy.

It is important to enter a prevention and responsibility for one’ personal wellness.

Eating the right food can help prevent psychic and physical illnesses and eventual and potentially harmful pharmaceutical intake, avoiding to entrust our health to a doctor and medicines.

In this we must give our body the chance to choose the right foods.


The therapy proposes that emotions themselves have an innately energetic potential that if activated, can help clients change problematic emotional states or unwanted self-experiences. 

Emotions are connected to our most essential Vibrations.

They rapidly alert us to important situations through physical pain or illness and chronic diseases. 

They also prepare and guide us in these important situations to take action towards meeting our needs to transform the negative energies in positive, without forgetting that the negative part is important for our emotional growth and must be explored for our spiritual research.

Clients undergoing to PVT are helped to better identify, experience, explore, make sense of, transform and flexibly manage their energetic experiences.

One premise of Psycho Vibration Psychotherapy (PVT)  is that emotions bring the past alive. 

The past validates present day fears, blocks and styles of relating, which then fuels conflict. If there is to be long-lasting change, emotions are engaged and activated in the creation of new relationship events.


All are looking for a way to change, as I talk about our life problems that bring us into therapy, we begin

 to recognize that our current condition is directly related to our inability to respond to new situations in our life. 

Our physical form and corresponding personality pattern is not physically and emotionally flexible enough to move with and integrate the excitation produced in some new situation. 

We are therefore unable to respond appropriately or in a fulfilling manner to our life's demands. 

While we must respect the creative solutions that we found to our conflicts and emotions around terror, abandonment, manipulation, and rejection, our stereotypical ways of being must be analyzed and understood as survival patterns. 

The modification of these patterns requires an intense relationship with a skilled therapist, where the underlying anxieties associated with change can be carefully confronted and new, more appropriate means of relating to these anxieties can be achieved. 

This change is effected through both an active understanding of how the spirit mind and body  is an expression of the personality and through a healing, emphatic therapeutic relationship.